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Energy therapy for horses

APM for horses

What is APM by Penzel?

Acupuncture massage (APM) is a massage based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It was developed by Willy Penzel for human beings, and then adapted for horses by Dieter Mahlstedt.

Areas of application

The APM massage for horses is a holistic treatment which has a positive effect on your horse’s energy system. It can support the healing of different ailments and pathologies:

lack of energy and listlessness

to activate the self-healing process

metabolic diseases


pain management


posture problems

blockages in the locomotor system

suppression of interferences due to scars

when changing stables

and many more

The treatment

Each treatment starts with a diagnosis of the horse. The body will be scanned with hands at a distance of 2 cm from the skin. This is to feel which areas are hot or cold, and more specifically, in which areas there is a lack or excess of energy. This gives me a map of problem areas and an idea what they are related to. Thus, I can treat them specifically.