About me

I have been fascinated by the effects of energy all my life.

Although I initially embarked on a very classic professional career – I was born in 1966 in Luxembourg and after graduating from high school, I successfully took over the family business – I have continuously studied the effects and flow of energy.

Horses have always been a part of my life, as I grew up in a horse-loving family.

As a sensitive person, I was discouraged by the rather insensitive handling of horses by some of my fellow human beings.

As an adult, I it got my own horse – and a second one in 2020 – with which I can live in mutual respect.

I am happy to have joined both passions: “horses and energy”. In APM I found a method and a philosophy that correspond to my being. As a qualified APM-therapist for animals, I am happy to be at your and your horse’s disposal.